Revisiting the Revolution

Revisiting the Revolution: Past, Present, Perspectives
Tallinn Postgraduate Summer School in Social and Cultural Studies
Degree course | July 27 – August 3, 2012
What does the idea of revolution mean for different people today, at this moment in history? How are revolutions envisioned and enacted? How can we conceptualise revolution as a form of change theoretically, and how does it relate to other forms of social change?

In particular, the course will focus on the Arab Spring; the revolutions in the former Soviet block; the crisis and the potential of present day left-wing radicalism. For better insight, these recent and on-going cases will be put in a historically and geographically comparative perspective: we will explore which models, narratives, practices and currents of thought are being employed or contradicted, and to what effect. The summer school will draw upon a multi-disciplinary framework (Anthropology, Art Theory, Cultural Semiotics, History, Literary Theory, Philosophy, Politics, Sociology).

The course consists of an intensive series of lectures, seminars, student workshops and study trips, lead by scholars of diverse academic and cultural backgrounds, including Christopher Finlay (University of Birmingham), Ernesto Laclau (University of Essex), Chantal Mouffe (University of Westminster), George Schöpflin (MEP (EPP); University of Bologna), Eric Selbin (Southwestern University), Rabab El Mahdi (American University in Cairo), Todd May (Clemson University) and Marju Lauristin (University of Tartu).

Course is organized in cooperation with Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts.

Preliminary programme

NB! Please note that there might be changes in the programme!


We invite M.A. and PhD students in the Humanities and Social Sciences to participate. A maximum of 30-35 students will be accepted. As English is the language of instruction at the summer school, participants should have at least an intermediate level of English. Students are expected to do some preparatory reading in order to participate in the seminars and workshops. They also have an option (not compulsory) to present their own research during student colloquia. If you wish to present a paper, please send a 300-word abstract to Teet Teinemaa. Upon full participation and completion of a 2500-word essay by September 15, students will be awarded 5 ECTS points.

To apply, please register first here and then send your CV to Teet Teinemaa. The deadline is May 30th. If there should be more applicants than the course can accept, the choice will be made based on the CVs and (where applicable) on the interest of the presentation abstracts provided. The results will be announced no later than on June 1st.

Course fee

No tuition fee
Non-refundable registration fee: 35 EUR (members of The Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts are exempt from the registration fee).


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