12th Winter School: Integrative Humanities: Intersecting Art, Science, Nature and Technology

Integrative Humanities:
Intersecting Art, Science, Nature and Technology
Tallinn University
23–27 January 2023
4–6 ECTS

The humanities today are in a process of transformation. The ecological and technological alterations are reshaping our previous knowledge into an unprecedented constellation and opening up a new space for thinking about fundamental human-related issues across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The entanglement of human/social and natural/physical systems in the Anthropocene can be regarded as the greatest challenge to our established modes of knowledge production, requiring a thorough rethinking of the categories of understanding through which we customarily make sense of ourselves and the world.

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed the expansion of the humanities way beyond their previous confines and the rise of a great number of new transdisciplinary approaches, such as creative humanities, digital humanities, energy humanities, environmental humanities, geohumanities, medical humanities, technological humanities, and so on. All these approaches point toward a new generation of humanities knowledge which has been tentatively called ‘integrative humanities’.

The 12th Winter School of GSCSA invites all participants to critically explore the future prospects of integrative humanities in building a transdisciplinary knowledge regime, appropriate for the study of the new constellation of the entangled human, technological, and natural worlds.

More information – https://ktkdk.edu.ee/winterschool2023/

This winter school is organised by the Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts, supported by the Tallinn University’s ASTRA project, TLÜ TEE