Career planning spring school for PhD students

The Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts (GSCSA) and the Graduate School of Linguistics, Philosophy and Semiotics (GSLPS) invite PhD students of philosophy and semiotics, and their supervisors to a spring school on career planning.

The programme of the spring school includes the following topics:

* Finishing the PhD thesis in time
* Publishing
* Job applications
* Postdoctoral fellowships abroad
* Grant applications (in Estonia and abroad)
* Conferences and networking
Invited speakers:

* Vivian Bohl, Alex Davies, Timo Maran, Bruno Mölder, and Francesco Orsi (University of Tartu)
* Daniel Cohnitz (Utrecht University)

Participation is free of charge; accommodation and travel costs of GSCSA and GSLPS students will be reimbursed (except PhD students on academic leave). Accommodation will be arranged by the organisers, travel details will be provided for the participants after registration. Please notify the organisers promptly if you are not able to participate or the dates of your participation change! Booking your accommodation via the organisers, please be informed that you agree to reimburse the cost of your accommodation, if you do not cancel your participation in due time. Thank you for your understanding.

Registration will take place online until March 23, 2017 (included).
Contact: Eve Kitsik (
This intensive seminar is organised by the Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts and the Graduate School of Linguistics and Semiotics, financed by the University of Tartu’s ASTRA project PER ASPERA (European Union, European Regional Development Fund).