Tacit Knowledge

The Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA) Faculty of Architecture is inviting PhD students involved in creative practice research to participate in international intensive seminar „Tacit Knowledge“. The seminar takes place on the 18th November at 10am at EAA Faculty of Architecture (Pikk 20, 3rd floor). Participants are welcome to listen or present their research.

Main objective of the seminar is to open the discussion with other PhD schools and programs in Estonia on the role of tacit knowledge in practice-led research.

Tacit knowledge could be described as an intuitive thinking related to the
operational and experiential aspects of the practice, as a foundational dimension of the mental space of perception and memory, built through spatial intelligence.

Some guiding questions to be discussed with the participants could be:
What is the meaning of tacit knowledge in Creative Practice Research?
Where does tacit knowledge reside in and work in practitioners’ modes of practice?
How does tacit knowledge emerge? How does the discovery of tacit knowledge affect and change the practice?
What is the role of supervisors in surfacing tacit knowledge?

The seminar will be held in English.

Prior to the seminar, on Thursday November 17 prof Leon Van Schaik will give a lecture at the EAA Faculty of Architecture open guest speaker lecture series at Kanuti SAAL (http://www.avatudloengud.ee/2016/06/16/leon-van-schaik).