KTKDK 8.talvekool: Dr. Timotheus Vermeulen (University of Oslo), "Metamodernism and posthumanism"

KTKDK 8. talvekool: Prof. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner (John Cabot University in Rome), “A posthuman future of the humanities”

KTKDK 8.talvekool: Dr. Zoltán Boldizsár Simon (Bielefeld University), “Two cultures of the posthuman future”

KTKDK 8. talvekool: Prof. Sverker Sörlin (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), “Making sense of the environmental humanities: Emerging histories of the human-earth relationship”

KTKDK 8. talvekool: Dr. Thomas Schwarz Wentzer (Aarhus University), “We humans: Who is the Anthropos in ‘Anthropocene’?”

KTKDK 8. talvekool: Prof. Ewa Domanska (Adam Mickiewicz University at Poznan and Stanford University), “Unbecoming human: Merging humanities and soil science”

KTKDK 8. talvekool: Roundtable discussion: Artificial intelligence – opportunity or threat? (Prof. Steve Fuller (University of Warwick), Prof. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner (John Cabot University of Rome). Moderated by Prof. Kristjan Port (Tallinn University))

KTKDK 8. talvekool: Prof. Steve Fuller (University of Warwick), “The fork on the road for Humanity 2.0”

Talvekool 2018 5. päev: Prof. Gregory Alles (McDaniel College) "Religious ‘Facts’ and Facts about ‘Religions’: Factuality as a Problem in Studying Religions"