UPDATE: For presenters

The main platform of the Winter School is Worksup, however for the video calls we will be using a software called vMix to get in touch with the presenters. A vMix link will be emailed to you by our technical manager Hando Jaksi and a vMix test time will be proposed to you. Please initiate the call in the indicated time. The video call test is a good opportunity to get familiar with the software and prepare for the live call. During the call, your presentation will be controlled by the technical staff and you would indicate the change of slides with an agreed sign or signal.  If you are planning for the calls, please don’t forget to take time differences into account. A good tool to help you with this is: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210127T152000 


Practical information

Upon full participation in the Winter School students can be awarded 2-4 ECTS credits.
2 ECTS credits – attending all plenary lectures (6)
4 ECTS credits – attending all lectures (6) + delivering a presentation at the student seminar OR at the science slam.

Participation is free of charge.

Graduate school members who have registered but discover that they are not able to take part are required to inform the organisers.

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact the programme manager Kristiina Sirkel at ksirkel@tlu.ee.


Hybrid conference or virtual conference?

UPDATE: Due to circumstances the Winter School will be held virtually only! We kindly ask all accepted participants to join via Worksup (https://worksup.com/winterschool/).

Please note that the programme follows the EET Eastern European Time UTC+2 timezone!

Student seminar and slam presenters have been contacted individually to determine the form of their presentation.

The technical form of the winter school will be taken care by RGB Baltic and the Winter School will be broadcast from NOBEL Hall in Noblessner.

Participants have the option to follow the event from home or from their preferred location. You can even organise a viewing party with your fellow students or your supervisor. The organisers will ask all participants for some form of attendance confirmation – preferably in the form of a digital signature.

Participants who need to travel to Tallinn to present their papers at the studio are eligible for accommodation and it will be arranged by the organisers for members of graduate schools only. Members are also eligible for travel reimbursement. If such a need arises, please contact the orgnisers.


Winter School platform

The platform WORKSUP will be used during the Winter School. Participants need a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and good internet connection to attend the conference. Depending on the specific event, you will have the option to communicate with others via chat or video/voice call – ask questions, express your opinion, discuss etc.

We will have technical personnel ready to help you with any problems or questions. Participants who will present their work in the seminar or science slam will be briefed beforehand.


Programme explanation

3 days of virtual lectures, discussions, student seminars, science slams and artistic events:


About the students’ science slam

A jury will attend the slam, in addition the listeners will also vote. At the end of the session the best slam(s) will be elected and the winner(s).

6 rules of science slam at the winter school:

  1. The presentation shall not be longer than 5 minutes! You will be interrupted brutally and the floor will be given to the jury or the next participant.
  2. To make your slam a success, concentrate on just one story/example! Make your ideas simple and present them in an understandable, entertaining and concise way. Do not even think about going into the depth of your theses – this will be a disaster!
  3. If possible, connect your story to the general topic of the winter school.
  4. All kinds of experimental, creative, visual presentations are encouraged! If you choose to use powerpoint/keynote/prezi send the files to the student slam coordinator in a timely manner.
  5. We encourage you to structure your presentation around some item you show.
  6. The science slam should be fun for all of us! Don’t be too serious about it but use your time in the best possible way. Entertain us in an intelligent way!

For further inspiration look here: https://www.fnr.lu/luxdoc-training-learn-demonstrate-research/