Andres Lõo

Andres Lõo (Tartu, Estonia, b 1978) is a seminal part of Estonia’s music scene since the mid-90’s as a drummer, producer, live performer, actor, vocalist, visual artist, curator and media figure. As a member of Metabor group he brought sound art into the vocabulary of Estonian art scene. Lõo put out his author’s book “Phantom Platform” in 2016 (;paranoia publishing) and has been focusing on releasing music on his own Phantom Platform label and on Sex Tags Amfibia. He also works with film scores, theater music and as a radio host. See:

Fly on the Wall of Sound – The Phantom Platform Edition

On the green screen of digital paralleling, the age of digital automation, ghost working, data mining, data ownership and wishful provenance – when giving is worth taking – I welcome you to an excursion through 2 decades of music making and living through the changes we are yet to write books about. I welcome you to the immediate future, the now, the phantom platform, that is my musical lecture “FLY ON THE WALL OF SOUND – The Phantom Platform edition”.


Talve Taju Raju

Impromachine4000 is a “machine”,  where the humanity and digital era are combined with all its possibilities. Impromachine4000 can be converted to the digital space as we are digisaurs, who move in the present and in the future timewarp/zone.

The core algorithm is well precisioned and assigned to create data bridges in the form of musical conversation. The soundscapes are empathic and cognitive.


Karl-Markus Kohv – drums

Mart Soo – guitar

Marvin Mitt – guitar

Kaarel Kuusk – synth and all keys

Indrek Mällo – bass

Tanel Aavakivi – trumpet

Roomet Jakapi – vocals