Writing retreat

The Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts, and the Graduate School of Linguistics, Philosophy and Semiotics have a joint writing retreat for their PhD students and their supervisors between June 12th and 16th, 2017.

At the writing retreat you can focus on writing your thesis or research article. In addition, we will hold different workshops to further your writing process (participation optional) and you will have an opportunity to discuss your writing and get a feedback in small working groups.
Both individual rooms and seminar rooms are at PhD students’ disposal.

Leading lecturers:
* Anni Jürine (Universtiy of Tartu)
* Djuddah Leijen (University of Tartu)

Workshop topics: time planning, drafting etc.

Preliminary programme

To participate, please send a short workplan (max. half a page) on the writing you will be working on, and the stage you are at with this text.

Transport will be specified in June. For graduate school members participation (incl. meals) and travel & accommodation costs are reimbursed.
Deadline for registration by web-form is June 2nd.

All PhD students and supervisors of our graduate schools are welcome!

Additional information: doktorikoolid@ut.ee, 737 6535.

This event is financed by the University of Tartu’s ASTRA project PER ASPERA (European Union, European Regional Development Fund).