Writing retreat

NB! Writing retreat is mostly held in Estonian, but international students are welcome to participate and work on their paper.

Registration is now open for next writing retreat. All PhD students and their supervisors are welcome to join the retreat at Nelijärve Holiday Centre. Writing retreat offers an opportunity to work in a relaxed environment and participate in various workshops related to writing.
Please send a short summary regarding the paper you wish to work on. Submission deadline January 10, 2018 dorisf@tlu.ee
Register here. Deadline for registration is December 24, 2018.
Please inform the organizer (dorisf@tlu.ee) if you are not able to participate or the dates of your participation change! Please be informed that you agree to reimburse the cost of accommodation, transportation and food, if you do not cancel your participation January 3, 2018 latest. 
Participation, accommodation, transportation and food expenses are covered for members of Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts and Graduate School of Linguistics, Philosophy and Semiotics.

This writing retreat is organised by the Graduate School of Linguistics, Philosophy and Semiotics, supported by the ASTRA project of Tallinn University – TU TEE (European Union, European Regional Development Fund).