Suvekool “Fear: Poetics and Practices”

*„Fear: Poetics and Practices“* is a postgraduate summer school in social and cultural studies organised by The Estonian Institute of Humanities, Tallinn University and the GSCSA that will take place from *July 22 till July 29, 2011*.

The summer school intends to analyse the field of fear in a rigorous and balanced manner, starting with the consideration of “fear” at the intersection of the personal and the cultural, and by putting the notion in a historical perspective. The main focus, however, will be to analyse the varied sociocultural mechanisms of construction, operation, and harnessing of fear during the time-span from the interwar period to the present day.

The summer school will draw upon a multi-disciplinary framework, primarily Anthropology, Cultural Psychology, Cultural Semiotics, History, Politics, Postcolonial Studies, Sociology.

The course consists of an intensive series of lectures, seminars, student workshops and study trips, lead by scholars of diverse academic and cultural backgrounds, including Jeffrey C. Alexander (Yale University), Leonidas Donskis (MEP (ALDE); University of Helsinki), Danny Dorling (University of Sheffield), Frank Füredi (University of Kent), Tiina Kirss (TLU), Mihhail Lotman (TLU), Rein Raud (TLU), and several other Estonian and foreign scholars.

The registration is closed, members of the GSCSA are exempt from the registration fee. For more information about the course, please click here: