Seminar Philosophy of Fine Arts Autumn 2013


Philosophy of Fine Arts
Autumn 2013, Pärnu

Registration closed

The Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts (GSCSA) is inviting you to participate in the capacity of a lecturer in the seminar “Philosophy of the Fine Arts”, which will take place in Pärnu on every Thursday during the autumn term 2013. You are free to choose a theme of your paper presentation, but we ask you to interlink the theme with your PhD research as the seminar aims to popularize science and support cultural life of Pärnu. The audience will mostly include pupils of high school and students in their first year of study. The duration of paper presentation will be 60 minutes followed by a discussion. GSCSA will support your presentation with remuneration (ca 50 eur) and will refund your travel expenses. Please note, that you will not be awarded any credit points!

If you are interested in presenting your paper in Pärnu, please submit 250-300 word abstract and recommended reading list for participants directly online to the seminar wiki-page (please choose a slot marked “KTKDK”) and send your personal data along with your photo per e-mail. Deadline: September, 20!

(We will give first consideration to the proposals received first)

Additional info by email:

The event is organized by Pärnu Loomeliit in co-operation with Pärnu City Gallery, supported by the European Union through the European Social Fund (Estonian Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts).