public lectures by Melissa Cefkin and Daniel Miller

Center for Applied Anthropology of Estonia, Department of Ethnology (University of Tartu) and Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts invite you to the public lectures by Melissa Cefkin and Daniel Miller on November 3, 2016 (Ülikooli 16-214).

Opening words by Art Leete (Professor of Ethnology)

14.15-15.45 Melissa Cefkin (Nissan Research)

What does engagement look like? What does it mean to bring the perspectives and approaches of the humanities and social sciences into business settings? In this seminar we will discuss the role of the practitioner, exploring how the experience of working as active participants in organizational settings shapes possibilities for the forms of knowledge and contours of impact we create.
Moderator: Katre Koppel (PhD student, Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore)
16.15-17.45 Daniel Miller (University College London)

“Why We Post”

This talk will explore the results of the Why We Post project based around nine simultaneous ethnographies of the use and consequences of social media around the world. It examines the results of this project and shows how the lessons learnt are being used to develop a new applied project concerned with the impact of smart phones on aging.

Moderator: Pille Runnel (research director, Estonian National Museum)
The lectures are an opening event for the conference “Why the world needs anthropologists? Humanise IT!” (November 4-5, 2016).
More information:
This seminar is supported by the (European Union) European Regional Development Fund (University of Tartu’s ASTRA project, PER ASPERA) and by the research project IUT34-32 (Estonian Ministry of Education and Research).