The winter school is organised by the Estonian Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts and is primarily aimed at doctoral students currently enrolled at Estonian universities and their supervisors.


Upon full participation in the Winter School students will receive a certificate stating they have passed the course in a certain capacity.

4 ECTS credits – attending all lectures (8) + attending one workshop.

6 ECTS credits – attending all lectures (8) + attending one workshop + delivering a presentation at the student seminar OR at the science slam.

We encourage you to inquire with the Study Counsellor at your home university to confirm that the credits can be incorporated into your study plan. Especially with MA students.

Participation is free of charge.

Only students and supervisors will be accepted.

Accommodation will be arranged by the organisers for members of graduate schools only. Members are also eligible for travel reimbursement provided the original tickets are presented to the relevant staff member at their home university.

If you have been accepted but discover that you are not able to take part you are required to inform the organisers immediately. Otherwise the participant will be invoiced for relevant costs.

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Programme explanation

♦ 4 days of lectures, discussions, student seminars, science slams and other activites:

– Plenary lectures (à 60 minutes).

– Discussions (à 60 minutes)

– Student presentations (student seminar or science slam)

Student seminars (120 minutes)

Students will be divided into smaller groups (four papers per seminar). Every student has 20 minutes for presenting and 10 minutes for discussion. A powerpoint/keynote/prezi slide programme is required for the presentation. Students sharing a seminar are expected to previously study each other’s abstracts. At least two lecturers per group will attend and comment the papers.

Student science slams (120 minutes)

Every student has 5 minutes to explain his/her research project in an understandable, entertaining and concise way. All kinds of experimental, creative, visual presentations are encouraged. The slams will be presented to all participants of the Winter School and will be discussed and judged by an expert-jury and the listeners.

♦ 1 day of student workshops:

– Practically oriented workshops outside of the traditional classroom setting led by Estonian and/or guest lecturers.

– Requires previous registration. Workshops have a quota of participants!

– Required reading assignments for each workshop will be available on the web.


About the students’ science slam

The expert jury will attend the slam, in addition the listeners will also vote. At the end of the session the best slam(s) will be elected and the winner(s) will be awarded with a little prize.

6 rules of science slam at the winter school:

  1. The presentation shall not be longer than 5 minutes! You will be interrupted brutally and the floor will be given to the jury or the next participant.
  2. To make your slam a success, concentrate on just one story/example! Make your ideas simple and present them in an understandable, entertaining and concise way. Do not even think about going into the depth of your theses – this will be a disaster!
  3. If possible, connect your story to the general topic of the winter school.
  4. All kinds of experimental, creative, visual presentations are encouraged! If you choose to use powerpoint/keynote/prezi send the files to student slam coordinator at (
  5. We encourage you to structure your presentation around some item you can bring along with you.
  6. The science slam should be fun for all of us! Don’t be too serious about it but use your time in the best possible way. Entertain us in an intelligent way!

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